Climate change, weather conditions, technogenic pollution and of course human decisions and mistakes affect agricultural production around the world.

Right or wrong managerial decision can cost millions of dollars of profit or loss.

What if you could foresee how your decisions
would influence your future result?

What if you could test all the valuable options and solutions,
to play different scenarios and to use this knowledge
to take only right deliberate decisions?

This will allow you to avoid mistakes, to eliminate potential losses and to maximize your revenues and ROI.

And now you are able to do it!

Farmforesight is advanced IT solution for your business planning. It is the set of business modelling software tools based on statistic data and analytical algorithms. Simple modern design and gamification approach make it easy to use for any specialist.

Farmforesight allows to simulate various scenarios of key decision chains in agricultural production in quick and effective way, thus helping to forecast influence of every decision on expected result and ROI with high accuracy.

It helps decision makers to understand
the real effect of every action taken,
to find the cause-effect link between
their decisions and results. And to shift from executions and following the instructions to conscious and deliberate decision making.

Farmforesight is currently tailored to model production of commodity crops
but can be easily customized for almost any agricultural production.
And it is flexible enough to be adopted to other business areas.

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Farmforesight simulates typical production processes of commodity crops
(wheat, rape seeds, corn, soybeans, sunflower seeds, etc.) and covers such areas of decision making as:

  • crop rotation planning
  • managing the inventory
  • managing field actions such as putting seeds / fertilizers / sprays into field
  • managing financial instruments
  • crop trading

Simulation model also includes price scenarios with realistic correlations between spot and forward prices. It provides you with geographically refined real weather scenarios. It features lots of other mechanics, that make simulation very realistic, but still pretty easy to use.

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FARMFORESIGHT already serves agricultural holdings in:

Business plans validation and what-if analysis, that help to avoid risky investments and to choose optimal direction of decision chains in real-life production scenarios

Staff training, including increase of business process knowledge level for all the team members involved in production and for specialists from adjacent areas (storage facilities, field logistics etc.)

Staff evaluation to find progressive, reluctant or resisting members of business team. It shows level of their professional skills and willingness to learn and innovate, highlights their attitude and habits in decision making process

Stage 1 development of FARMFORESIGHT product is already finished. It took 1 year of testing by more than 200 experts in commodity crop production, algorithms tuning and gathering more data to improve model relevancy and accuracy.

We have simulated over 8,000 sessions with different scenarios and conditions. The results prove that modelling is highly realistic and provides relevant data for real-life decision making.

Commercial version of first Farmforesight tool is planned for Feb 2018 and will be available for implementation all around the globe. Farmforesight team is based in Ukraine, heart of agricultural production in Eastern Europe and one of the world’s biggest exporters of sunflower oil and other agricultural products.

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