FarmForesight for education institutions

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FarmForesight is already successfully used in education for:

  1. Helping students to understand business model of agricultural companies

    Gamified simulation perfectly demonstrates all the typical processes in crop production company, main activities and model of sustainable profitable business.

  2. Case study to practice different scenarios

    Ability to model several scenarios based on the same conditions and to compare results to estimate probable real-life events and actions. This kind of cases allows to clearly explain cause-effect links of decision making process and financial consequences of every decision taken.

  3. Tests, examinations and championships

    Evaluation of knowledge, skills, decision making profile and other characteristics of students. You place teams of students in similar conditions and observe them taking different decisions leading to different results, taking different level of risk, etc.

  4. Training teamwork

    Team play in simulation allows participants to interact and cooperate effectively to reach much better results.

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