Plan to use FarmForesight outside Ukraine or add new crop types?

FarmForesight is based on historical data from Ukraine and currently can be used to model crop production of key export cultures: winter wheat, winter rape, sunflower, corn and soya (+GMO soya).

Yet, due to flexible data structure the simulation can be adjusted for merely any country and most of cultures that have yearly cycles: barley, rye, cotton, etc.

For this we would need following data for different cultures and regions:

  1. Historical data of crop yields and costs for every culture

    Crop yield data for as long period as possible, production cost per hectare, cost of fertilizers and crop protecting agents, seeds, static costs, fuel, logistics, labor, etc.)

  2. Typical technical operations charts for every culture split by regions if necessary.

    Optimal timing for technical operations for every culture by regions.

  3. Weather specifics of regions

    Tendencies to dry or wet weather. Historical data about humidity detailed to at least weeks for as long period as possible.

  4. Historical data of price dynamics for every culture in specific region or country

    Historical dynamics of export and local prices for every culture for development of realistic price scenarios.

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