Frequently asked questions

Is simulation free?

Yes, basic version of FarmForesight is free and it gives you full modeling functionality.

Paid Pro version allows modeling faster with more options, comfort and detailed stats.

Do I need special agronomical knowledge to play the simulation?

Thoughtful player can easily do all the main functions without special knowledge, just following the hints and guides in simulation.

There are average default settings for every action user needs to do. If you are not sure what exactly to do you can use default parameters. And later you will have an option to learn cause-effect relations and to further manage those parameters more detailed.

Do I need a special device to play the simulation?

For the comfort simulation you need any computer with screen resolution 1280x800 or bigger. Best works at 1920x1080. Also you would need a stable internet connection (better wired or good Wi-Fi).

It is also possible to model using any tablet PC, but some mechanics may be less convenient at sensor screen than using mouse or touchpad. Capacity of computer or tablet does not matter as all the ke calculations are done by our server, so your device is just a remote control.

Where do you take input data for your model?

Most of the data about crop yields, cost for different crops (cultures?) are available in open statistical sources, plus data rom commercial sources, plus analytical aggregation by group of experts. Price and weather scenarios are based on available open sources and historical data.

Main task for this simulation is creating balanced and playable model, and not just purely precise conditions. It is not possible to take into account every tiny detail effecting the result in real world, so we do not claim to be absolutely realistic. But our model is taking into account the maximum possible scope of realistic factors that have the major impact to deliver results close to real life.

We have an option of data customization for corporate clients, adding special regions with specified historical data of company clusters, including crop yield, cost of growing different cultures from real cluster history.

Which interface languages are available for simulation?

At the moment we have 3 languages available: Ukrainian, English and Russian. You can easily switch the language in your account settings.

If you need a localization for your simulation tasks – contact us..

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