For each of the years in the simulation, when creating a session, a specific weather and price script is set by randomly choosing from the available scripts and it’s randomizing.

Price scripts in the simulation are based on real historical data of crop price changes with a correlation between spot and forward prices in Ukraine over the past 10 years, plus several randomized scripts has been added.

Weather scripts in simulation consider (so far) only the change in humidity (considering the influence of temperature in the near future), and are based on historical, but analytically averaged scripts of changes in humidity and precipitation in Ukraine over the past 15 years, plus several randomized scripts.

In PRO session mode, the session creator can make a manual selection of weather and price script.

In order to select one of the available scripts, click on the corresponding script icon next to the year indicator and select the desired script from the drop-down list, the year icon for which a particular non-random script is selected and highlighted in colour and the name of the selected script appears when you hover the cursor.

Such a setting is available for each year participating in the session, if for some year the session creator does not select a specific script at the start of the session, the script will be selected randomly.