Business simulation
in crop farming

FarmForesight allows you to train the skills of decision making
in managing farming company with realistic virtual model.

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Analytical algorithms
based on real statistics

Historical data by regions for crop yields, seeds and PPA's was analytically aggregated with market experts to become the core of our agronomical simulation.

Real scenarios of forward and spot quotations are fundamental for the financial and trading part of our modeling.

Weather scenarios of humidity, region tendencies to dry or wet weather and detailed effects of weather factors on crop yields.

The combination of real stats, historical conditions and controlled randomization allows you to experience many realistic scenarios and to learn taking calculated decisions.

Simulation is a traditional learning solution for industries with high price of mistake

pilot learning

Before getting clearance to fly an aircraft, every pilot has to pass a vast learning course at realistic flight simulator.

The purpose of this training is not to learn the airplane controls and devices, but develop the skills of prompt and effective decision making in difficult conditions. To properly react on any emergency situations and gain the realistic piloting experience without any risk to precious lives of passengers and expensive aircraft.

pilot learning

Before heart surgeon is allowed to work with live patients, they train a lot with realistic mock-ups and simulators reflecting all the complexity of real surgical operations.

Learning this way, doctor can not only reinforce their theoretical knowledge but to gain invaluable experience of decision making in emergency situations and ability to correctly react on critical changes in patient's condition, experiencing many surgeries without a risk to human health and life.

The following fields already use FarmForesight:

Staff training

Training the employees of all levels – from GM's and agronomists to farm machinery operators – to upgrade knowledge of business-processes for all participants and related areas (field logistics, elevators, etc.)

Personnel assessment

Identifying progressive and innovative team members or the opposite – the ones who resist changes. The simulation not only assesses the level of professional skills but also the openness to accept the new or the bias for template thinking, revealing behavioral and managerial patterns.

Business planning

The analysis of different crop rotation combinations with weather scenarios for your region allows to avoid unnecessary investment risks and to choose the optimal decision directions in real production scenarios.

Teambuilding and events

Team play with split roles, engaging competitions and championships in realistic gamified simulation are the perfect tools for teambuilding and events for your staff and your clients.

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Faster and more convenient modeling

  • All basic version options +
  • Selection of weather and price scenarios
  • Session settings for other players
  • Managing preceding crops
  • Mass field operations
  • Speed up due to early week ending
  • More detailed stats and analytics for cause-effect relations
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Corporate version

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Pro + additional functions

  • All Pro version options +
  • Stats analytics for your team
  • Branded accounts
  • Internal championships
  • Trainings and events
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