The user panel gives you access to create new simulation sessions and enter existing sessions created by you or other users, as well as to the combined statistics of user-played sessions.

Starting a new session and login in to an existing one

Each FarmForesight simulation user can create sessions and invite other players to them.

In order to create a new session, click on the “New session” button - you will be redirected to the session creation interface, you will have the opportunity to invite other users to your session and manage its parameters, more about setting parameters and roles in the session. If you are the owner of a PRO or corporate account, all sessions you create will be PRO sessions, learn more about the differences.

You can join the session of another user, which is in the process of creating a list of players and setting parameters.
In order to join someone else's session, use one of the options:

Each user can be in only one session at a time. If you follow the link to join a new session while in another session - you will be asked to stay in the old one or close/exit the old one and join the new session.

If you are already in a session - instead of the New session button on the player’s panel, you will see brief information about the current session and the return to the session or exit the session option.

Simulation statistics

All played sessions generate average statistics that are displayed in the player panel and contain the following set of information:

Each user's simulation statistics generates a public profile, that can be shared in social networks or sent direct links “Share success” to it.

In order to share a link to a public profile, click “Share success”, a separate tab will open a page with your public profile and the link to it will be automatically copied to the clipboard.