You can follow the results of the session during the session by opening a tab with statistics from the drop-down list of screens or from the session menu. Also, after the end of the session, you will be asked to read the statistics or go to the user panel.

The main statistics screen contains brief information about the results of the session, the return of capital, EBITDA/hectare, net profit of the enterprise, and data for every year in the session, each of which in turn contains:

  1. Return of capital data.
  2. Financial indicators: working capital, gross income, average return on capital for the year, EBITDA/hectare for the year and net profit.
  3. Crop distribution in crop rotation - a pie chart with the percentage of fields of different crops per field this year.

If you have a PRO account or you are in a PRO session, you can go to the detailed crop statistics, by clicking on the crop in the return of capital for crops or on the crop rotation pie chart. Clicking on it will open a window with detailed statistics on this year crop.

Please note that until the session is over, all data in the statistics changes dynamically along with changes in the cost and forecast parameters in the session (for example, write-off of fixed costs, costs of storing the finished crop, costs for servicing loans, changes in current crop prices, changes in yield forecasts etc.).