One of the type of sales of finished products with deferred delivery is a forward contract.

In order to conclude a forward contract, go to the sales screen and select the forward from the drop-down list of contracts in the crop line.

In the window that opens, select the desired forward sales volume of the crop. The slider for choosing the sales volume is marked in color, the green zone is what you can freely sell, the red zone is the restriction that considers the volume already reserved for contracts (forwards or options) and the projected gross yield of the crop in the current year.

You can enter forwards for larger delivery volumes than the projected gross yield if you are somehow planning to raise the yield or are going to purchase crops from other players .

Select a month supply of crop, in default, a month in which there are first week periods of the optimal time of harvesting the crop. The forward can be concluded for a period of no more than three months from the current date in the session and until the last month in the session.

The forward contract is executed automatically at the end of the last week of the month for which the contract is concluded.

If the conditions of the forward contract are failure or partial fulfillment, you will be fined 20% of the cost of undelivered products.