When you have selected the desired parameters of your company in the session, you can notify other players that you are ready to start simulation. To do this, click on the “I'm ready” button, this will change your willingness status in the list of session players and make the fields for changing your company's parameters inactive.

In standby mode, while you are waiting, you can see all the changes in the basic session settings that the session creator makes, and you can also monitor changes in the parameters of other players.

If for some reason you decide to change the settings after switching to standby mode - click “not ready” and change the settings, then switch back to standby mode. The willingness status cannot be changed more than once every 5 seconds, the indicator on the button informs you about the remaining time until the status can be changed.

As soon as all players in the session go into standby mode - the session creator can start the session, by clicking on the “start session” button, all the players will be redirected to the primary crop rotation planning screen.